I had done everything right

Or so I thought. Not that it mattered, really. I had done everything right. I exercised almost daily. Did the 30 minute walks, took my vitamins, stayed away from sushi and unpasteurized food. But, when you’re dealing with a genetic disorder it doesn’t matter. Nothing that I could have done would have saved him.

I mentioned in my last post that my husband was offered an amazing job opportunity. We do end up in New York City, but we had a 3 month pit-stop in Atlanta, where he worked for his first office in a rotation of 4. It was fortunate that this happened though, because we lived with my parents, who were an amazing support, for those 3 months. This is where everything went down, so to say.


We moved to Atlanta Jan 2, 2017. My husband started work on the 4th. I had my first meeting with my new doctor, Dr. Sugarman (in Atlanta and she’s wonderful if anyone needs an amazing Doctor.) on Jan 5. This was my 14 week appointment. We had already had 2 ultra sounds in Orlando at our 9 week appointment. In Orlando they had seen something in the first ultra sound, and sent us to the specialist downstairs for a better look. They couldn’t find anything. To this day, we still don’t know what the first doctor saw. So, everything seemed to be going well. We had our 14 week appointment and she just listened to the heartbeat. “The heartbeat is strong” She said. It was very strong, on account that I was healthy and working out according to her. (Yay me) We did the harmony testing, and soon, we would know the sex! Everything was going to plan. Normal, healthy pregnancy for all anybody could tell.

2 weeks later we got our test results back and I promptly took it to Cakes by Darcy in Roswell. I didn’t look at the sex, and my mom was out of town so we had to wait another week before having the ever so popular gender reveal. It got almost 9,000 views on instagram! I’m not even sure how that happened but, it did. A BABY BOY!


After that, it went down hill…and fast. Coming up on our 18 week scan baby boy started kicking, and I would lie awake from 4am-5 or 6 just feeling his little feet go crazy. How could anything be going wrong? He was kicking, his heart was beating, so what happened? How did we lose what we thought was a perfectly healthy baby?


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