The Day before The Day

Theres that expression people say that goes something like “It all changed in an instant.” Which is very true in most cases. For me, it all changed in 28 hours. It was a slow, painful waiting game. One that I know we will have to endue again.  On Feb 2 the clock started ticking.

This being our first baby, any time we were to have an ultra sound my husband wanted to come. We both were so excited to see our baby our the screen again. At this point, we knew we were having a boy, and my husband wanted to “make sure” the blood test was correct. We went to breakfast at a place very near the office, and joked about names. I even put a photo on instagram before we went to the doctors appointment.

The ultra sound did not go as planned. The nurse seemed to stop over and over again. I didn’t think much of it at first and neither did my husband. Finally she said, “He has a mass in his stomach and we need to send you to our specialist to get a closer look.” Then she walked out. hu??? What just happened? We were one minute looking at the anatomy, making sure all the boy parts where were they belonged, then our nurse just left. We  followed another nurse into a different room and waited for our doctor. It was this conversation that had me most concerned. She told us we needed to see a specialist and what was a good time for us. Well, I was to leave that weekend to go pick up some shifts in Orlando and attend Finding Nemos 10 year anniversary party and I had 2 photoshoots already scheduled. I could push back leaving, but I had shifts that I was already scheduled for. It was Thursday. She said they’d make room for us at any location Tomorrow. Friday.


Thats when I started to worry. ANY location…? They’d fit us in anywhere in Atlanta at any time tomorrow when most appointments took months. We left with no time scheduled , but they said they’d call. My husband went to work and I went straight to the gym. I didn’t know what else to do. I was to pick my nephew up from school later, but other than that, I had no job to occupy my time. At the gym the nurse called me and said I was to be seen at 1pm the next day.

I’m the pessimist in our relationship. I had gone on google looking up “mass in fetus abdomen” or something similar. Nothing looked promising.  My husband, always the optimist told me not to worry. Whatever it was, science has come so far, and maybe all the baby would need is surgery when he was born to fix whatever was happening. Thats all. So thats what we told each other the rest of the day. I didn’t know what to expect, but I could be ok with that. I called my parents who were on vacation and told them what was happening, and then we waited. We waited for an entire day. I don’t even remember the rest of that day, but when you have to wait an entire day…it feels like eternity. Truly, it does. So, not fully prepared for much of anything, we met at the doctors office the next day, at 12:30, hoping for the best, receiving the worst.




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