Longing for the good old days of Summer


If you asked me what my childhood summer was like, this is picture would sum it pretty well. We went to go visit some friends who bought a house in the neighborhood I grew up in. My nephews started playing baseball with their Papa (my dad) while the ladies ohhhed and ahhhed over the Newkirks new puppy Rose. The sun was setting, the lighting bugs were glowing, and there was a rainbow in the sky. I know not every summer evening is as beautiful as what I described, but as I sit in my small apartment, not a blade of grass in sight, I long for all days to be like this.


Summer, for me, as an adult was crush time. I worked many jobs, 12 hours a day, and I loved it. If I did have a night off I would have a drink with friends after work, but those were rare. The great thing was, I loved every one I worked with. I met my husband at Epcot when we headed over there after work one day for drinks at the Rose and Crown. So that was my adult summer. Work hard, play hard. 7 days a week.


But, as a child, I remember kick ball games in the neighborhood, swimming all day in the lake or pool. Boating, dance camps, summer camps. I only hope I can give that to my kids one day. Summer days filled with family and friends and fun games all day.print_

I’m sure as we grow our memory gets skewed of visions of our past. I’m sure not every day was great. I do remember a rush to the hospital when my brother cut his chin open, multiple times during different years. But I would like to hang onto the memory of those iddilic days until they’re shattered by my own children having all day temper tantrums or what not. If only they could be like this forever.print_-10

A picture of a puppy because why not.



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