Battling the Blues with Fitness and Coffee in NYC


Moving to a new city can be rough. I’ve done it before, but I always had a friend, and was thrust into a life of people my own age and who had my own interests. This time, moving to New York has been different. I have my husband, but you really have to make an effort to get out there and make new friends. Which, lets be honest, I haven’t done. I feel like theres this stigma behind social media and depression, like a “don’t share if your having a hard time, only share if you’re happy and everything is going well for you.” Mostly because I truly think people want to see the happy bits of life. But it can be hard, and down right depressing sometimes. I’m trying so hard to lift myself out of that depression, but something keeps happening to pull me back down. So, when I posted on Facebook I was having a hard time and could people send me their favorite NYC coffee shops, just to give me something to do, my friends did not disappoint. So I had my first coffee shop date with an old friend and I hit up some awesome fitness classes. Already I feel better and less blue.

I love a good fitness community with group classes and thats why i settled on doing a gym in Hoboken called The Fit Foundry.  Even though it’s a little different than what I’m used to doing at crossfit, the classes and instructors are awesome. I have met some great women and I hope to really get involved with the community there. (Thats me in the white, scratching my armpit)


On Tuesday, I finally got to a silks class and even though the ceilings were lower than what I am used to, I learned so much. I had visited another place off of Lexington, but it was so far away and most of the classes I would have attended were during rush hour. So the other place I found, Body and Pole has every aerial/pole class you could ever want all day long, and I can walk there from the bus stop. Perfect!

IMG_0043Then my friend Mike was in town training for 305 Fitness and let me tell you what, whoa, what a class, what a workout! This place was awesome! I danced harder and sweated more than ever before and had a blast. If you like to dance, I highly recommend 305 Fitness.


This morning I met up with my friend from Orlando, Kalya and we had coffee at a place in Chelsea called Coffeed. It is such a cute place and it was so nice to catch up with her. I know Kayla because her husband, Joshian and I trained into 3 shows together almost back to back. Grinchmas, Nemo and Beetlejuice. They are such an amazing couple, but Joshian took a cruise contract and is out of the country. So Kayla and I caught up and talked about how missing your husband sucks, and how sometimes you just need a hug from them. I’m sending her lots of love and good wishes for her travels out to visit him next week. I hope to have more coffee dates with her and Joshian when he gets home, and hopefully more friends around the city.


So, sometimes life can be lonely, but I’m proud of myself for getting out there, trying new fitness places, and meeting up with old friends. Next week should be fun as I get to visit The Met, Patek Phillipe exhibit and I’m going to see the musical “Beautiful”. Also fingers crossed and send happy thoughts that this month will be baby month! I have a good feeling. I’ll keep you updated on my Vlog.  Hope you had a happy weekend!



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