My Trying to Conceive Must Haves

Hello Ladies. I just finished a video on my youtube channel for my trying to conceive must haves, but if you’d like to read about them, then here they are.

When my husband and I decided that 2016 would be the year we tried to start a family I was so excited. We said we’d start in the fall of 2016 and and see what happens. It took my sister over a year to get pregnant. They were actually talking to an IVF specialist when they got pregnant, so, I was not naive to think it would happen right away. When I went to my spring OBGY visit and told my doctor we were going to start trying at the end of the year, all she said was “Good Luck”. Good luck? This is one of the biggest decisions of our life and you aren’t giving us any information. I left feeling defeated and disappointed. However, at that time, I worked with a bunch of wonderful women and when I told them what happened they showered me with information. The first one being “You HAVE to read ‘Taking Charge of Your Fertility‘”. So I started to read it. This book should be read by every girl going through puberty. I almost feel embarrassed that they don’t teach us this in heath. Ugh, for 15 years I’ve been denied an education about how my own body works! So thats my first tip for any woman trying to conceive, try to avoid pregnancy, or just wants to know about her own body…read this book. You can find it here.

One thing you need for tracking your ovulation is an app and I have a feeling most women who are trying and/or just tracking their period have one. But which is best for you? My top 3 are Kindara, Period Tracker, and Ovia. I use them to not only track my period, but also ovulation, and my Basal Body Temperature. Kindara app is the best for charting for 2 reasons. 1 it’s so user friendly, and 2 you can upload your chart to the community and other women who are charting are more than happy to help you out if you have any questions. They also have  BBT thermometer that makes tracking your ovulation so simple. They pretty much take the guess work out of your ovulation cycle. You can check out the Kindara app and the wink thermometer by clicking here.

Everyone knows that taking prenatal vitamins is important when expecting, but it can be more so when you’re trying to conceive. Don’t forgot that a baby starts forming and cells start dividing right at conception. So, you want to take prenatal vitamins starting yesterday. I also started taking Milk thistle before I conceived because I did not want to get horrible boring sickness and all the research I did pointed to Milk Thistle. This is because it cleans out your liver of toxins. It worked for the most part, so I’ll keep taking it.

Yoga! Now this is personal preference, but yoga has a ton of health benefits, so why not just throw it into the trying to conceive pile. I did some research that said that Yoga helps get your blood flowing and relaxes you, and that helps with fertility. So, I’m just gonna say, “why not”.

Ovulation strips. These are nice to keep to make sure you’re really ovulating. However, some doctors question their reliability. But on the flip side, some women swear by them!

I hope these tips help on your journey to becoming a mother. Please note I am not a doctor, this is just research I have done for myself that I am sharing with you!



  1. August 22, 2017 / 12:35 pm

    I’ve just started Yoga but only the basics! Do you go to a class?

    • Perfectly Imperfect
      August 22, 2017 / 1:27 pm

      I did. I started hot yoga, I go maybe once a week, but need to go more!

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