Staying Positive after the Negatives

If you’re like me, you start to become an expert on tracking your fertility, taking your prenatal vitamins, watching your weight and alcohol intake after the negatives start showing up. I was lucky enough the first time we started trying to get pregnant on month 3 of trying, so, I was really only tracking my ovulation. Now, I track everything. I take my basal body temperature every morning, I track my headaches, my cramps, my bowel movements. I have 3 different apps, all tracking the same thing. Ovulation! Now on cycle 5 I feel like a fertility specialist. So why aren’t I pregnant?!

Every time I get a negative test, my heart drops. It’s getting harder and harder to take those tests and see one line. Trying to stay positive during this time is hard. But, I refuse to give up. So, even though it’s yet another negative, here are some things I do to try and stay positive.

    1. Work Out-  I know it’s a cliche, and honestly some days I don’t feel like getting out of bed, but, working out helps reduce stress. So, if stress is one of the reasons I can’t get pregnant, why not try as hard as I can to reduce it. Also, Ive lost a few pounds, so I look good, ya know, for the hubs. IMG_0221.jpg

  1. Date day with the hubs- I love spending time with my husband (kind-of why I married him) but with his job schedule and army duties, days together are few and far between. So when we do have time, we plan full days together. We explore new neighborhoods together, new coffee shops, and one of our favorite things to do is stop by Open Houses (even though we’re not buying. Once that negative line shows up, the hubs springs into action to plan a great day to cheer me up, and it almost always works. webshare
  2. Lunch with Friends– Once you do get that positive line, seeing friends may be  few and far between. So I reach out to my friends. A lot. Even though I’ve moved to a new city, I’ve reached out the friends who live here and made stronger bonds with them. I value that time, because once we hear the pitter-patter of little feet, I may not get those lunch dates back. IMG_0216 2.jpg
  3. Plan a vacation- If you haven’t been on vacation in awhile, start planning one. Maybe take a quick weekend trip to the coast, or a cute B&B at a nearby lake. It doesn’t need to be extravagant, but something where you can turn off your brain and relax with your man. When we lived in Orlando we would  head to Savannah. Bar hopping, ghost tours, historical buildings, everything I love and only 4 hours away.IMG_0116.JPGTrying to stay positive through all the negative can be hard, and I’m no expert so if you’re really struggling please don’t hesitate to contact a professional to help you through. Much love to all my mommas out there trying to conceive. It’s a bumpy road, but hopefully the ride will be worth it.

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