Starting IVF: The Beginning

Day 1: Wow I am on emotional overload at this moment from todays appointment.I met  my nurse and doctor, pretty much the 2 people who will take me on this journey from start to finish. Both are very nice, and my doctor seems to be a little on the high energy side with crazy red hair and a knack for conversation other than infertility, which I like. I was first taken back and my blood pressure and weight were checked. Then the nurse went over how the appointment would go, and I was left in the doctors office for awhile. Then the doctor came in and told me that IVF with PGD testing (the genetic testing of our embryos) is our best bet for having a healthy child. She went on to discuss treatments, medications, injections and what my next step will be. Also during this discussion she told me to start what they call and IVF diet. A mix of a Paleo/ Mediterranean with no alcohol and no caffeine so when they extract my eggs, they will be the healthiest eggs my body can produce.

After the discussion I was taken into an ultra sound room where I had a vaginal ultrasound to check my egg supply, which thankfully, was good. Then the took blood for more genetic testing just in case there was anything else I needed to be aware of. After all the testing I was told to call a specific number on the first full day of my next period so we can do an HSG. An HSG is where they will shoot dye into my fallopian tubes and see if there is any blockage or damage. This will be done 11-14 days after my cycle and then we will figure the best times to start medication and egg retrieval. Since The Hubs will be gone until May, I assume after that, but who knows.

So, all this information in 1 day. I got home and cried, just because never in my dreams to have a family did I think IVF would be a part of it. I don’t think anyone thinks or even wants that. I’m not a hippie, but I’ve always wanted a natural birth, with no pain meds what so ever. So I wanted my path to get pregnant to be more or less the same thing. Unfortunately this seems the best path for us to conceive a healthy baby. In all honesty I’m terrified, but I hope this is path will lead us to the healthy baby we’ve been praying for.


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