I’m a pretty organic person. I like to eat clean (most of the time) and I don’t drink soda, or put sugar in my coffee. I work out, and stay healthy. So wasn’t very excited when my doctor handed me a 3 page list of all the injections of medications I’m going to have to give myself. This is to trick my body into over producing eggs so they can be extracted from me, and then they will be implanted after another round of hormonal injections. I don’t like the sound of any of this. But in order to have a healthy baby, I guess it has to be done.

If you’ve been following me, you may know that trying to naturally have a baby comes with a few bumps for us. We have a rare fatal genetic disorder called Meckel Gruber. It sucks. So after almost a year of trying to conceive naturally, my husband and I decided to  seek out help. We found the Center for Reproductive Medicine in Winter Park after many of my friends had suggested them. So, off I went for my first appointment in January.

Appointment Number 1.

The Talk and Test

My youtube video about this appointment is currently up on my youtube page which you can go and watch if you would like. But in case you like reading my awful writing then I’ll walk you through it step by step.

My doctor called me in and we discussed our genetic disorder and our difficulty to conceive after a year of losing our first baby. She explained all the reasons IVF is a better choice than trying naturally, and all the risks that go with our sort of genetic disorder. Then, I went to get my eggs supply tested via vaginal ultrasound. My doctor explained my egg supply was good, and we should have no problem extracting at least 20 eggs…yay! Then I got my blood taken and I was told to call back day 2 of my next cycle.


Appointment number 2.


While waiting for my next cycle to start I received the results of my blood test. Turns out along with Meckel Gruber, I also am a genetic carrier for deafness. Nothing to bad, but we decided the Hubs should get tested too, just in case. So I arrive for my HSG, which I have been told is awful. HSG is when they put dye into your fallopian tubes to see if there is any scar tissue or blockage. I can’t believe I was so worried about this. It felt like nothing and it was over in a few seconds. I watched the dye go into my tubes, and everything looked good. No blockage from what they could see, and I was free to go. Easy Peasy.


Appointment number 3.

The Wait

We went in for what the nurse told us was our IVF Final. I assumed this was our final appointment before I started injections for egg retrieval, and I was correct for the most part. We started going over my daily injections, what I would be giving myself, and how many times a day. All these very specific instructions that needed to happen with my blood being taken and visiting the office to check my hormone levels. So we’re moving right along until she asked if we had done the probe yet. Well, not only have we not done it, I didn’t know what it was. Turns out, when you have a single cell genetic disorder you need a probe made of your make up so when they test the embryos they know which ones are good, and which ones are bad. This takes about 8 weeks and we will not be able to start injections for egg retrieval until the probe is done. Also when they do egg retrieval the hubs has to give a fresh sample, and he will be gone with the Army until June. Sooooo, egg retrieval will be in June. Then we have to wait for those to be tested and we will not be able to start injections for transfer until the fall.

What we thought was going to be a quick process is going to take almost a year. So now we are just waiting. Thats the name of the game here. Hurry up and wait!