No not mine, but my brother and his wife are expecting their first little bundle of joy in March! I am so excited to share and have taken part in their wonderful news. They asked me to do announcement photos for them and of course I said yes! Not only do I love a good pregnancy announcement but I LOVE fall. It was fun to collaborate and bounce ideas off of Kristin because she is so creative and I think we came up with some pretty great pictures for their baby boy.



Jason and Kristin met when they were in the sixth grade at Crabapple Middle School. Can you believe it? They broke up and got back together more than a few times from middle school to high school, but stayed pretty solid ever since 10th grade. It was fun to watch them grow into the amazing adults they are today. I truly don’t think of Kristin as my sister-in-law but more my best sista! (thats what I call her), because I’ve know her for so long.


Jason popped the question while we were on a family ski vacation in 2011 and they got married February of 2012. I have loved being present at all their special milestone moments and I actually knew Kristin was pregnant before she was. We were having dinner the weekend after July 4, 2017 and she expressed that she was feeling bloated and her boobs hurt and I asked “are you pregnant?” she said she had taken a test and it was negative but I took one look at her and I said, “nope, I’m pretty sure that you’re pregnant” forwebshare-9.jpg

A week later she texted me that she was indeed pregnant after taking multiple tests! I can’t believe I’m going to be an aunt again! My parents have 5 grandsons! (4 with us, and my son makes number 5 in heaven). So blessed to have another little Van Epps in the family. Congratulations Jason and Kristin!